1 Ingress

1.1 Definitions
Tr3zor refers to the company mentioned in point 11; Tr3zor Services refers to the services provided by Tr3zor‘s websites and/or applications; User means any person accessing the Tr3zor-Services, or the company or other legal entity on whose behalf that person accesses or uses the Tr3zor Services; Member means users registered with Tr3zor; User Agreement: refers to the contract between a member and Tr3zor; Application refers to the software (app) provided by Tr3zor that can be downloaded to an electronic device; Third party services means links to third party websites and resources; Tr3zor fee means Tr3zor’s charge for brokering found objects; Member content signifies text, audio, video and/or image content and information posted by members.
1.2 Parties
These general terms and conditions of use (hereinafter: GTC) represent a legally binding contract (User Agreement) between you, a natural or legal person in any country in the world, and Tr3zor.
1.3 Approval
These GTC are deemed to have been agreed upon by ticking the appropriate box on the membership application. Therefore, please read these terms and conditions carefully and completely before using Tr3zor services. Tr3zor services can be provided via all websites provided by Tr3zor, including all sub-domains, as well as via the use of applications for mobile devices (apps) or programming interfaces. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not use any Tr3zor services.
1.4 Supplementary conditions
Additional services: Additional terms of business and/or conditions of use may apply to certain services, about which Tr3zor will inform you when using these services. These apply in addition to these GTC. In case of doubt, the supplementary terms and conditions of business and/or terms of use take precedence over these terms and conditions. Data protection declarations: Furthermore, our data protection declarations for our website or for our application for mobile devices are included in the usage contract, which explain the collection and use of your personal data by the Tr3zor platform. Further terms of use: If our application was loaded via an app store (Apple, Google, etc.), further provisions of the app store operator may apply in addition to these GTC. Google: Your use of Google Maps/reCaptcha/Firebase is also subject to the Google Maps/Google reCaptcha/ Google Firebase terms of use if you access areas of the Tr3zor services that use these services.
1.5 Invalidity of side agreements
These GTC replace all previous general terms and conditions between Tr3zor and you. Apart from these GTC and any additional terms and conditions, there are no additional agreements.
1.6 Assignment
Assigning, delegating or transferring your User Agreement is not permitted.
1.7 Changes
These GTC can be changed by Tr3zor from time to time. In the event of such changes, the changed GTC will be published on the Tr3zor website, stating the change date. If you do not agree to the changes, you have the right to terminate this contract free of charge and without notice by refraining from further use. By continuing to use the Tr3zor services, you agree to these changed GTC.

2 Service description

2.1 Basics
Tr3zor services include the brokerage of found objects to their owners as well as the payment of a finder's reward to the finder. The finder's reward is paid in TR3 tokens.
2.2 Third party services and external links
Tr3zor may include third party services. These may be subject to different terms of use and privacy notices. Tr3zor is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of such third-party services, nor for content, services or products offered via such third-party services. Tr3zor does not make any recommendations to such third-party services through links.
2.3 Availability
For technical reasons, Tr3zor cannot guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted availability of the Tr3zor platform. Tr3zor can improve and further develop the Tr3zor platform and add new services or restrict or delete functions.
2.4 Guarantee
Tr3zor makes its Tr3zor platform available „as is“. Any warranty rights are waived to the extent permitted by law. No warranties, guarantees or other assurances are given.
2.5 Monitoring
Tr3zor is under no obligation to check lost or found reports.
2.6 Blocking
Tr3zor is authorized to block participants who violate these terms and conditions.
2.7 Assurances in the event of loss reports
When reporting the loss, the person who makes this report assures Tr3zor that he or she is the owner of the lost item and that the description of the circumstances of the loss is accurate and truthful. He or she also assures that he or she will pay the finder's fee.
2.8 Assurances in the event of found reports
When reporting the find, the person submitting this report assures Tr3zor that he or she is the finder of the item in question and that the photos of the item represent the item found. He or she also explicitly assures that he or she did not steal the item or otherwise illegally acquire it.

3 Registration

3.1 Sign up
Registration as a member, ie the creation of a "Tr3zor account", is required in order to use Tr3zor services. Membership applicants assure Tr3zor to provide correct and complete information and to keep it up to date at all times.
3.2 Invalid usernames
The names of natural or legal persons other than yourselves, brand names without appropriate authorization or offensive, vulgar or obscene designations may not be used as user names.
3.3 legal capacity
In order to register as a member of Tr3zor, you must be legally competent.
3.4 Legal entities
If you register a legal entity as a member, you guarantee that you have the authority to represent and legally bind this legal person.
3.5 Further conditions on the part of Tr3zor
Tr3zor can make the use of the Tr3zor services dependent on conditions at its own discretion, such as the successful completion of a verification/identification process, the achievement of certain ratings or the fulfilment of other specific criteria. Tr3zor can refuse to accept members without giving reasons.
3.6 Member verification
Tr3zor strives to offer its services as securely and transparently as possible. In order to verify the identity of members in this context, Tr3zor is entitled to request identification documents or other information/verifications from members. Tr3zor is not generally obliged to carry out a member verification. Tr3zor does not guarantee the identity of members. Admission as a member only means that the member has gone through a verification/identification process. This information does not represent a guarantee on the part of Tr3zor with regard to the members or their trustworthiness.
3.7 Confidentiality of the access data
You are responsible for keeping your login data secret and not making it available to third parties. You are obliged to notify Tr3zor immediately if you have reason to believe that your login details have been stolen, lost or misused or if unauthorized access to your Tr3zor account is evident or suspected. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for any misuse of your Tr3zor account.

4 Finder's reward and fees

4.1 Finder's reward
The amount of the finder's reward is determined by the member when the loss report is recorded. It is due upon delivery of the found item.
4.2 Tr3zor fee
The amount of the Tr3zor fee is displayed to the member when the loss report is recorded. It is due when the finder's reward is paid, regardless of whether the return of the found item was successful.
4.3 Taxes and levies
The Tr3zor fee includes the applicable national VAT.

5 General duties for all members

5.1 Conduct towards third parties
In connection with the use of the Tr3zor platform, it is forbidden for all members to harm other people or to violate their rights, or to support third parties in doing so.
5.2 Notification of Misconduct
Members who behave inappropriately towards other members are to be reported to Tr3zor.
5.3 Obligation to cooperate
The members have to support Tr3zor in investigations into misuse of the Tr3zor platform.
5.4 Proceedings for third parties
Members registering lost or found reports for third parties are responsible for this to the same extent as if they had registered them for themselves.
5.5 No license to use intellectual property rights
These GTC do not represent a license to use Tr3zor's intellectual property rights.
5.6 Unauthorized use of data
In connection with the use of the Tr3zor platform, members may not carry out actions themselves or enable third parties to save, copy or otherwise use information, e.g. personal data, from the Tr3zor platform, if this is incompatible with the privacy policy, these GTC or other data protection rights of the members or third parties.
5.7 Sabotage/interference
Members are forbidden to carry out actions themselves or to enable third parties to damage or potentially damage the functionality of the Tr3zor platform in any way. In particular, they are not allowed to access the Tr3zor platform using automated programs or processes (e.g. bots, crawlers, etc.). Measures to protect the Tr3zor platform must not be circumvented, deactivated, decrypted, decompiled, reverse engineered or in any other way undermined or disrupted.
5.8 Acceptance of damaged lost property
If the lost property is damaged, it is up to the person searching, whether he or she wants to receive the lost property at the defined finder's reward or whether to remove the item from the “lost” list. When the item is removed from the "lost" list, it is forfeited to the finder free of charge.
5.9 Member content
The members are responsible for ensuring that their member content does not violate any intellectual property or personal rights. With the exception of the rights and licenses that are explicitly granted in these GTC, the members are not granted any licenses or rights to the intellectual property of Tr3zor or its licensors, either implicitly or otherwise. By creating, uploading, sending, publishing, receiving, storing or otherwise providing member content via the Tr3zor platform, the members grant Tr3zor a worldwide, irrevocable, simple, royalty-free, perpetual, sublicensable and transferable license to this member content for access, the storage, use, modification, copying, creation of derivative works therefrom, distribution, transmission, publication, streaming, broadcasting and any other use of this member content. No member content may be posted that is fraudulent, misleading, offensive, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, violent, mean, illegal, vulgar or otherwise offensive. Tr3zor can, at its sole discretion, delete such content or content that violates other terms and conditions or block access to it, but is not legally obliged to do so.

6 Termination and blocking

6.1 Termination by members
Membership can be cancelled without notice by deleting the member account.
6.2 Termination/blocking by Tr3zor
Tr3zor reserves the right to terminate membership at any time without stating a reason or to temporarily or permanently block it, provided that the member (i) violates the obligations under this contract or applicable regulations/laws, (ii) there is a justified cause from Tr3zor's point of view that the property, safety or rights of Tr3zor, members or third parties are at risk, (iii) there is a corresponding request from a law enforcement agency or other official body, (iv) there are arrears in payment of the Tr3zor fees, (v) repeated complaints about the member are received by Tr3zor, (vi) the member has repeatedly received bad reviews or comments, or (vii) incorrect information was provided when registering as a Tr3zor member.

7 Liability and Disclaimer

7.1 Unlimited liability
Tr3zor accepts unlimited liability for damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the Tr3zor or one of its legal representatives or auxiliary persons.
7.2 Precedence of consumer protection rights
The limitations of liability and the exclusion of liability listed below do not result in a general limitation of or a limitation of liability granted by consumer protection rights, the exclusion of which is illegal.
7.3 Disclaimer
The information contained in the Tr3zor services is for general informational purposes only. Tr3zor assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the content of the Tr3zor services. In no event shall the company be liable for special, direct or indirect consequential or incidental damage or damage of any kind, be it due to contract, negligence or any other tort, arising from or in connection with the use of the Tr3zor services or the content of the Tr3zor services. The company reserves the right to add, delete or change the content of the Tr3zor services at any time without prior notice. Tr3zor does not guarantee that the Tr3zor services are free from viruses or other harmful components. Tr3zor services may contain links to external websites that are not offered or operated by Tr3zor and are not connected to Tr3zor in any way. Please note that Tr3zor does not assume any liability for the correctness, topicality or completeness of information on external websites.
7.4 Advertisements
While using Tr3zor services, third party advertisements and links to third party websites may appear. The company makes no representations as to the accuracy or suitability of the information contained in these advertisements or websites and assumes no responsibility or liability for the behaviour or content of these advertisements and websites and the offers of third parties. Third-party advertising and links to other websites on which goods or services are advertised do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Tr3zor for these websites, goods or services of third parties. Tr3zor assumes no responsibility for the content of the advertisements, the promises made or the quality/reliability of the products or services offered in such advertisements.
7.5 Errors and omissions
The information provided by Tr3zor services is only for general guidance in relation to certain areas of interest. Even if the company takes every precaution to ensure that the content of the Tr3zor services is both current and correct, errors can occur. In addition, due to changing laws, rules and regulations, delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the information contained in the Tr3zor services may occur. Tr3zor is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results that might arise from using this information.
7.6 Data Integrity and Loss
Although the content is backed up regularly, Tr3zor does not guarantee that data will not be lost or corrupted.
7.7 Member content
Tr3zor services may contain the views and opinions of the authors that do not necessarily reflect the official policies or positions of other authors, agencies, organizations, employers or companies, including Tr3zor. Comments posted by members are their sole responsibility and members assume full responsibility, liability and guilt for any personal violation or litigation arising from or as a direct result of their comments. Tr3zor is not responsible for comments posted by members and reserves the right to delete comments for any reason.
7.8 Use at your own risk
All information in the Tr3zor services is provided without guarantee for completeness, accuracy, topicality or results from the use of this information and without guarantee.
7.9 Incorrect use
Tr3zor is not liable for damage caused by intentionally incorrect, negligent or incorrect use.
7.10 Further liability
Any further liability is excluded, in particular liability for production stoppages, consequential damage or damage for lost profit arising from or in connection with access or use or the inability to access or use the service. Tr3zor is also not liable for decisions or measures taken in reliance on the information provided by the service, or for consequential damage, special or similar damage, even if the possibility of such damage is pointed out.

8 Disputes
The law at the registered office of Tr3zor applies to legal relationships between the parties. The legal regulations for the restriction of the choice of law and for the applicability of mandatory regulations, in particular of the state in which you as a consumer have your habitual residence, remain unaffected. The place of jurisdiction and performance is the registered office of Tr3zor. If consumers in the EU are involved in the dispute, the parties may also choose the EU platform for out-of-court online dispute resolution ( https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/).

9 Privacy Policy
You agree to the storage of personal data as part of the legal relationship with Tr3zor, in compliance with data protection laws, in particular the DSG (Switzerland), BDSG (Germany) and the GDPR (EU). A transfer of data to third parties does not take place unless this is necessary for the implementation of the contractual relationship or consent has been given. If you transmit personal data from third parties, you assure that the consent of the third party has been obtained. Insofar as you receive personal data from third parties from Tr3zor, these must be handled carefully in accordance with data protection regulations. You hereby release Tr3zor from any claims by third parties in this regard. Your rights or those of the person affected by data processing are laid down the privacy policy of Tr3zor, which is an integral part of these GTC.

10 Final provisions
These GTC, supplemented by all relevant standards and guidelines (e.g. privacy policy), represent the agreement concluded between you and Tr3zor on the subject matter of the contract. No rights or remedies are to be transferred to other parties or persons via these GTC. The effectiveness of the remaining provisions of these GTC are not affected by the total or partial ineffectiveness of individual provisions. Provisions that have become ineffective will be replaced by statutory provisions. If Tr3zor does not make use of a provision or a right of the present GTC, no waiver of this provision or this right can be derived, unless this has been confirmed in writing. The original language of this privacy policy is German. If there are any differences between the foreign-language and German version, the German-language text shall prevail.

11 Contact and registered office of Tr3zor
TR3ZORDIGITAL OÜ, Roosikrantsi tn 2-1031, 10119, Tallinn, Harju maakond. E-Mail info@tr3zor.io