The first global lost and found blockchain network

We offer you a new solution for your lost and found items.
Search, find & manage your personal items.

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App Features

TR3ZOR offers a global database of lost or stolen items available through browsers and mobile apps. The benefits include limitless, fast, and cost-efficient digital transactions and the highest standards in security and transparency due to the immutability of blockchain technology.

Easy Payments

Digital Tr3zor

Data Security

Data Security

Data Security

Cost-efficient digital transactions

Support 24/7

Anonymous Messenger & Push-Notifications

Regular Cashback

Own Wallet

Top Standards

Top Standards

How Does It Work?


Step 1. Register and submit an item

You are either searching for an item or have found one. Submit it to the TR3ZOR platform through the browser or mobile app to find a possible match with any registered lost or stolen item.

Step 2. Continuous data synchronization

The TR3ZOR platform scans the database and matches searcher and finder. The Searcher deposits TR3 tokens to reward the finder with the bounty.

Step 3. Finders are rewarded

If you are a searcher looking for your lost or stolen property you will receive it back. The finders are rewarded with bounty rewards in TR3 tokens.

Simple & Easy to Use

  • Limitless & Fast
  • Cost-efficient digital transactions
  • Receive real-time alerts
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Roadmap 2022

MVP available!

We offer you a new solution for your lost and found items. Search, find & manage your personal items. - Simply download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

New registration and login

We are planning a new registration and login process where users will be able to access the app with their existing social account IDs such as Facebook, Google, etc.

Personal Data

We provide people with greater control over their personal data by giving them the ability to create an account, but also to have their account deleted within the app.

New Interface with better experience

Taking in your feedback, our team will redesign the interface — which also gives us greater flexibility in integrating the new features.

Nearby Upgrade

Booster for the nearby area! New filters with search and much more to get the right information faster.

Polygon Token Migration

We are happy to announce that the much anticipated token migration to Polygon is coming. This will make transactions easier and cheaper.

Gamification mechanism

Implementation of gamification mechanism to get exclusive rewards. Users will receive ranks based on the number of rewards they have received or awarded to other users. The higher the rank, the better the rewards.

Blockchain Network

Dont worry about your data. Using the highest standards of security and transparency due to the immutability of blockchain networks, the objects are secured on the blockchain.

Referral Program

To make it easy for our users to share the app with family & friends, we will implement a brand new referral program.


We plan an automatic image recognition that visually analyzes the lost items, compares the input data and then matches the searcher with the finder automatically. Users do not have to search for the person who is currently in possession of the item at hand to get rewarded - the process will be completely automated.

Stolen marker

We are planning a heat map in which you can see in which regions many items are stolen. So you can protect yourself better with this information.

Buy TR3 via the app

In the future it will be possible to buy TR3 directly through our app. Various payment options will be offered such as credit card and much more.

Smooth onboarding and compliance

To ensure the legal basis for the purchase via the app, a new and innovative KYC will also be possible.

Our Leadership

Card image
Teyfik Karaboga

Co-Founder & CEO

  • Is a tech enthusiast entrepreneur, working with blockchain since 2015 and done several crypto projects successfully
  • worked on a Bitcoin Mining project for long time
  • Now founded world-first blockchain-based lost and found network called Tr3zor

Card image
Herbert Sterchi

Chairman of the advisory board

  • Experienced executive specializing in founding, staffing and operating foreign-based offices for global businesses.
  • Held management and board positions in international companies such as Thomson Reuters, Oracle, and PWC Consulting, before founding Herbert Sterchi GmbH and Codex Execution GmbH
  • Since 2013 in the Blockchain space where he helped to found and operate numerous start-up companies (e.g. Ethereum, Consensys, Akasha

Card image
Amit Shah

Member of the advisory board

  • Technology entrepreneur with a track record of launching disruptive products, platforms and solutions globally.
  • Start-up to IPO and history of Corporate experience in Europe and Asia
  • Advisory to Global leaders like Huawei, Google, CISCO, TÜV Rheinland among others
  • Active in Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology for delivering tangible solutions to customers.

Card image
Osueke Henry


Based in Nigeria, Osueke Henry has a strong understanding and passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency. He has worked for international clients for many years on several projects related to the NFTs, DeFi and Metaverse, and blockchain-related projects. Henry loves helping both startups (ICOs etc.) and mid-sized companies to develop the "right content marketing strategy" for their product. In addition to content writing, he is an experienced PR marketing expert.

Our Team

Jenny Wilson

Florijan Salija

COO & Project Manager

Jenny Wilson

Batualp Duran

Cyber Security

Jenny Wilson

Andrey Didenko


Jenny Wilson

Roxana Karaboga

Social Media Manager

Jenny Wilson


Graphic Designer

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The first global lost and found blockchain network.
Tr3zor presents a sustainable solution to the problem of finding lost or stolen belongings through the utilization of blockchain technology and the implementation of multiple incentive mechanisms.

Currently beta version of Tr3zor app available on the App Store and Play Store. Very soon we will release a stable version

You can use Tr3zor app on your Android and Apple smartphone.

  • iPhone:
    Requires iOS 12.1 or later.
  • iPad:
    Requires iPadOS 12.1 or later.
  • iPod touch:
    Requires iOS 12.1 or later.
  • Mac:
    Requires macOS 11.0 (or later) and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.
  • Android:
    Requires Android version 5.0 or later

Currently the app is available in the following languages:

  • German
  • English

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